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The Mathematics of Staying Home
Sometimes I feel pressure to return to the professional workforce, especially from the hubby. From time to time he likes mentioning he is the only breadwinner and wouldn’t if be great if I got a “job”. As the hackles raise on the back of my neck, it takes work and sometime a biting of the tongue to keep from responding in a decidedly unchristian manner. I know he is concerned about finances so I try to understand. What would be effective is showing him how counter productive it would be for me to work outside the home at a typical 9 – 5.

Lets do some math – just for fun.

Pay: $14/hr x 2080 (hours in a year)=29,120
Then deduct standard expenses .
About a 15% tax rate -4368
Transportation / wear and tear/ vehicle costs -8840
Office jobs require business casual or formal- not cheap so at least -1200
Day care going rate 200 – 250/wk (twins- and that is on the low side – formal preschools run closer to 300+. -13,000
Extra food costs because no one wants to cook every night after working all day plus the cost of convenience, pre-made food, plus lunches and snacks is at least $100/wk -5,200
Here it is listed for us visual type folks:

-3,488. (that’s right, a negative number)

Bottom line, it would cost us $3,488 or more for me to get off my lazy duff and get a “job”.
(cuz you know all I do is sit on the couch, eat bon bons and watch reality tv. Isn’t that what all stay at home Moms do?) (now don’t throw things, i am just kidding)



Homemakers unite! We are the keepers of the home front, the wind beneath the wings, the shelter in times of trouble, the nesting grounds, the teachers, the leaders, the protectors, the lovers, the fighters, and nowadays, we are the pioneers. Let us champion those who choose to stay home to care for the home, the children and everything else. Let’s remember that this job that is neverending, frustrating, uplifting, amazing, and so many other things – is also one of the noblest vocations of all times.

Sometimes in the thick of things, when everybody wants something and you were spent two hours ago, its hard to remember how important, valued and cherished you are. The ones who need you most will not be able to verbalize this but its true. You are special. You are unique. You are giving, loving and nurturing. You are amazing!

This blog will be about finding the joy, and artfulness of being a homemaker. We will be posting about helpful or  not so helpful products. We will have a playground scout posting pictures of playgrounds in Middle Tennessee. We will have tidbits of wisdom, advice and ideas gathered from experience and other stay at home Moms.

Thank you for reading today. If you are an artful homemaker, give yourself a hug. If you know one, give her (or him) a big hug. I wouldn’t want  to forget  that sometimes the Mister is the home artiste. And more power to those who do – Yay for real men!