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Women uplifting

women uplifting women


Women are incredibly powerful, in singular and even more so, in concert. We possess skills and abilities in our emotional vault that allow us to be incredibly compassionate and unbelievably cruel. My church recently hosted a women’s brunch where the speaker discussed how we often feel the need to crush others – men and other women – so we can feel more powerful. She urged us to realize that it is not necessary to throw our weight/power around to feel superior.

I agree. I would like to urge us all to find true uplifting. If you have to decrease the power and stature of others to lift yourself up, the growth you gain is weak and artificial, falling easily. Imagine a group of women holding hands, standing in a circle, attempting to levitate. If one must push their neighbor down to rise up, most of their energy is expended in that effort. But if we are all focused on helping our neighbor to rise, we find ourselves on the rise, seemingly with little or no effort. In helping others up we discover the strength to come up ourselves.

When the urge strikes, and it will, to put someone down, turn it around and challenge yourself to find something to say that will be uplifting for that person. When you do that, you will grow in ways you never before imagined. Also, keep in mind that the fault you find in others is likely to be one you suffer from as well. Negativity can find itself very easily. The challenge is to find the good. Anyone can point out defects. It takes character to illuminate the positive and help it grow.



You open your eyes, maybe willingly, maybe reluctantly. What is the first thing you think? I confess I am often guilty of having a first thought of, “I hate mornings. They would be so much better if they started four hours later.” Yes, its true – mornings and I do not generally get along. But allowing my brain to focus on that is just not productive.

So let’s change the tape and try this again.

Open the eyes, and say, “Today is the first day of the rest of my life. It will be great because I will make it great!”

I think we often get caught up in expectations, both our own and others, that are sometimes just not reasonable. Don’t fall into the trap of condemnation. You are great and you are successful and some days your success will be in simply getting your children one day older.

You love them. So what if every meal is not super healthy, pure organic and packed full of vitamins. What is most important is that you teach them love, compassion and believing in what is right. Those traits are in short supply. We as parents and homemakers must make it a priority to grow the good in our children and teach them to grow the good in others. And really, so what if they are wearing the same shirt they wore yesterday, or the day before – its still relatively clean, right? My twins occasionally lock onto a shirt that no amount of convincing will talk them out of. Mommy lets it go because, frankly, that is a small issue. The advice to “Pick your battles.” is excellent.

When you get ready to lie down at night, make a list of the top five most important tasks for the following day. Then when you wake, have it there and look it over. Imagine yourself at the end of your day. What would give you the greatest feeling of accomplishment? Make a star on that one and then love yourself by making that one task happen. Then at the end of your day, look over your list and appreciate yourself for what you accomplished and forgive yourself for what did not.

Many texts advise to start your day with prayer and meditation. But if you have little ones like I do, you know that is often just not possible. What I do is keep my eyes and ears open for a moment in the day I can do that, whenever and wherever I can pull it off. Sometimes its two minutes, sometimes five! Even if all you can find is one minute, connect with your higher power and feel that loving energy. You deserve it!