Red Caboose Park is located at Hwy. 70 And Colicejeanne Rd., Nashville, TN 37221. The best way to get there is Hwy 40 to Hwy 70 Bellevue and go up the hill. You will pass all of the strip malls, stores, etc and then it turns residential. Shortly after you will see an intersection with three churches. That is your road. Turn right and then turn left into the first driveway. That is the parking lot.


Parking lot, Red Caboose Playground


Next door is a community center and public library: the Bellevue branch. The community center has a toddler area equipped with toys and toddler ride on toys. Its a good option if the weather does not cooperate. The library is closed on Fridays but the community center is open and the restrooms are decent.


community center toddler area




Larger view of entrance


A picnic table right outside entrance that allows you to watch your kids play while you eat.

larger picnic area

There are other tables plus a large area that is shaded where a group could congregate.


This park has alot of sturdy wooden play structures fun even for the older kids.

Overall, this park is amazing and its really the fence and seating area that make it so great. Not many playgrounds sport a good fence. This is a completely free kid venue and good place to spend the day. The community center and library have decent restrooms and there are plenty of eating establishments both up and down the hill with drive thru options so you can bring your lunch and enjoy it there.