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Women uplifting

women uplifting women


Women are incredibly powerful, in singular and even more so, in concert. We possess skills and abilities in our emotional vault that allow us to be incredibly compassionate and unbelievably cruel. My church recently hosted a women’s brunch where the speaker discussed how we often feel the need to crush others – men and other women – so we can feel more powerful. She urged us to realize that it is not necessary to throw our weight/power around to feel superior.

I agree. I would like to urge us all to find true uplifting. If you have to decrease the power and stature of others to lift yourself up, the growth you gain is weak and artificial, falling easily. Imagine a group of women holding hands, standing in a circle, attempting to levitate. If one must push their neighbor down to rise up, most of their energy is expended in that effort. But if we are all focused on helping our neighbor to rise, we find ourselves on the rise, seemingly with little or no effort. In helping others up we discover the strength to come up ourselves.

When the urge strikes, and it will, to put someone down, turn it around and challenge yourself to find something to say that will be uplifting for that person. When you do that, you will grow in ways you never before imagined. Also, keep in mind that the fault you find in others is likely to be one you suffer from as well. Negativity can find itself very easily. The challenge is to find the good. Anyone can point out defects. It takes character to illuminate the positive and help it grow.


Find the words and awaken the soul



Almost three years ago, I found myself with a dilemma. Either go back to work and part with my beautiful babies for upwards of 12 hours a day, or become a stay at home Mom. I chose the latter. I waited a long time for these little miracles and I could not imagine giving away their babyhood to strangers. I promised hubby that I would go back to work when they were a year old. The first year at home – that would be great for them and for me, right? Except when that date loomed I hated the idea and took a part time job waiting tables instead. That was fine except I had to spend weekends away from my family and time with my husband went to nearly nothing.

I decided to pursue working from home. My first idea was selling cookies. I make some absolutely…

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Red Caboose Park is located at Hwy. 70 And Colicejeanne Rd., Nashville, TN 37221. The best way to get there is Hwy 40 to Hwy 70 Bellevue and go up the hill. You will pass all of the strip malls, stores, etc and then it turns residential. Shortly after you will see an intersection with three churches. That is your road. Turn right and then turn left into the first driveway. That is the parking lot.


Parking lot, Red Caboose Playground


Next door is a community center and public library: the Bellevue branch. The community center has a toddler area equipped with toys and toddler ride on toys. Its a good option if the weather does not cooperate. The library is closed on Fridays but the community center is open and the restrooms are decent.


community center toddler area




Larger view of entrance


A picnic table right outside entrance that allows you to watch your kids play while you eat.

larger picnic area

There are other tables plus a large area that is shaded where a group could congregate.


This park has alot of sturdy wooden play structures fun even for the older kids.

Overall, this park is amazing and its really the fence and seating area that make it so great. Not many playgrounds sport a good fence. This is a completely free kid venue and good place to spend the day. The community center and library have decent restrooms and there are plenty of eating establishments both up and down the hill with drive thru options so you can bring your lunch and enjoy it there.

Find the words and awaken the soul


As a stay at home Mom, I often feel pulled in so many directions. Kids, chores, errands, small business, friends, church…and on and on and on. I almost feel like I have to do more than other Moms because I “get” to stay home. If I want time off, I almost feel guilty because hubby has to go off and work while I stay home and have fun. I think its because there are days that I feel so unbelievably blessed to have these twin boys. I just think to myself that I am the luckiest person in the world. Those days I am happy to be the sole operator of the dishwasher, washing machine and the dryer, the only one who can coordinate putting two dirty boys in the bathtub, the only one who can, well you get the idea. I love what I do and I love who…

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Find the words and awaken the soul


Please forgive me ahead of time. This is rant of sorts.

Some folks out there feel the need to tell people how to raise their children. I have sincere gratitude for those who I have gone to in desperation and asked, “What should I do?”. I want to stress that parenthood should not be a solo fight.

That said, if someone does not ask you for help, keep your comments, judgements and complaints to yourself. Hence – Don’t ask, don’t tell. If I don’t ask, don’t tell me. Don’t tell me Johnny is so perfect at your house so you can’t imagine why he acts up at home. Of course he acts up at home. That is his safe place, his testing ground. In other people’s homes, he  can’t be sure how they will react so he refrains from certain behaviors. Sometimes if a child is exceptionally well behaved at…

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I really like what this blogger has to say. Check out her blog “being confident of this.”

Being Confident of This


This will be a slightly interactive post since I’m adapting it from a Mother’s Day talk I’ll be giving this weekend.  I’d love for you to take the time to actually do the interactive parts (at beginning and end), if you feel so led.

Beginning Activity:  Write down (or think of) the personality trait that you dislike most about yourself.  For example: I am shy, I am too loud, I have a temper, I am impatient, and so forth.  Hold onto this until the end.


A few weeks ago, my seven-year-old son came to me after receiving a scolding and said something that shook me to the core: “Mom, sometimes I feel like you expect me to be perfect.”  Immediately my eyes burned with tears because I knew that feeling, the feeling of not being good enough, and I certainly did not want my child to ever…

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Homemakers unite! We are the keepers of the home front, the wind beneath the wings, the shelter in times of trouble, the nesting grounds, the teachers, the leaders, the protectors, the lovers, the fighters, and nowadays, we are the pioneers. Let us champion those who choose to stay home to care for the home, the children and everything else. Let’s remember that this job that is neverending, frustrating, uplifting, amazing, and so many other things – is also one of the noblest vocations of all times.

Sometimes in the thick of things, when everybody wants something and you were spent two hours ago, its hard to remember how important, valued and cherished you are. The ones who need you most will not be able to verbalize this but its true. You are special. You are unique. You are giving, loving and nurturing. You are amazing!

This blog will be about finding the joy, and artfulness of being a homemaker. We will be posting about helpful or  not so helpful products. We will have a playground scout posting pictures of playgrounds in Middle Tennessee. We will have tidbits of wisdom, advice and ideas gathered from experience and other stay at home Moms.

Thank you for reading today. If you are an artful homemaker, give yourself a hug. If you know one, give her (or him) a big hug. I wouldn’t want  to forget  that sometimes the Mister is the home artiste. And more power to those who do – Yay for real men!