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Wow, Forty-four years old today. That seems awfully old, to me anyway. I don’t feel like I am in my mid 40’s – not at all. My brain is still stuck in my 20’s – hopefully my maturity level is not but sometimes…

My birthday present to myself turned out to be 15 pounds and at least one dress size. I haven’t been clothes shopping so I couldn’t say for sure. I was thinking this morning that I am a college graduate with no job (income generating anyway) but aha, that is not true! I do have a job. I am an Independent Sales Representative for Avon – the company for women!
(Of course my most important job is Mom, can’t ever lose sight of that.)

Today I will go out and hawk my wares, so to speak. I have a follow up visit to do and then some more places to visit to hand out books. My goal is to make this a full time wildly profitable venture. I am determined to stay home with my children and provide for my family. I have faced challenges before that may have seemed unsurmountable. I broke them down into bite size pieces and attacked them step by step. My first year goal is to sell enough so that 10% of it set aside will allow me to walk in next year’s Avon’s 3 day Breast Cancer Walk in my hometown San Francisco, California June 2014. Therefore I need $2300 minimum to donate as a walker, $90 for the registration fee and roughly $1100 for expenses there, airfare etc. That totals 3490 and we will call it $3500 for simplicity sake. Therefore, by next June I will need to have sold $35,000 – in eleven months time. 44 weeks to pull it off and I am 44 – is that cool or what?! On with the math, that breaks down to $795.45 per week. Lets call it $800 to simplify the math.

20 customers spending $40 or
40 customers spending $20 or
53 customers spending $15

and that is per week. Basically I need to be taking orders from at least 50 people/sources every week. Broken down into six days because Sunday should be a day of rest, not of taking orders. 9 people a day to take orders from, six days a week. In order to get 9 active customers per day I would say I need to be talking to 18 people a day.

18 a day, say 10 minute conversation, at the most, gives me 180 minutes which is 3 hours. I spend my mornings with my guys focusing on them, teaching, playing, connecting. Then when they go down for quiet time, Mommy goes to work. I will do my best to not try and do both at the same time. I don’t want my children to feel neglected or that they are not my top priority. They mean the world and are the real reason I am doing all of this.

Drive, passion, goals, dreams – they are coming alive. I see it, I can do it, by the power of The Lord that lives in me. My success will be a testament to His power, grace and loving support and of course His all powerful love.



Fast and free stress reliever:

The best solutions are often the ones that are the most simple and basic. I have found a technique that improves brain function, reduces stress, can lower blood pressure, improve your relationships, and even help you lose weight and feel great. Is it some crazy pyramid scheme that only (hah,only) costs $700 to join? Is it the newest vitamin or diet pill? Is it this week’s version of crack cocaine? Well, no, no, and h e double hockey sticks no.

I call it 10 and 10 – Ten sips of cool refreshing plain old water and ten slow deep cleansing breaths. Take it slow with both of these. Breathe in through your nose filling your chest and rib cage. Exhale slowly through your mouth. Be careful that you don’t speed through this and get light headed or something worse. Shoot for ten good breaths but if you start to feel wanky cut it short. Then the water or you can do it the other way around. Do what works best for you. I do them separately but you can combine the two by taking a deep breathe, sip of water, deep breath etc. and so on.

I suggest water that is cool but not ice cold. You don’t want to shock your system or get brain freeze. Make sure you drink just plain water for the best effect. Even if you are not a fan of plain water, your body and mind will appreciate the sacrifice. Drinking something that doesn’t exactly excite you is better than wrapping your hands around the throat of that good for nothing blankety blank. Don’t you think?

I have used this technique in many situations. Once I was so mad I stopped halfway through because it was working. I was just way too mad and did not want to get un-mad right then.

I hope this helps you. And I wasn’t kidding about it can help you lose weight. It really can because deep breathing aids digestion and improves overall health.

What are some of your best on the fly stress relievers?


You open your eyes, maybe willingly, maybe reluctantly. What is the first thing you think? I confess I am often guilty of having a first thought of, “I hate mornings. They would be so much better if they started four hours later.” Yes, its true – mornings and I do not generally get along. But allowing my brain to focus on that is just not productive.

So let’s change the tape and try this again.

Open the eyes, and say, “Today is the first day of the rest of my life. It will be great because I will make it great!”

I think we often get caught up in expectations, both our own and others, that are sometimes just not reasonable. Don’t fall into the trap of condemnation. You are great and you are successful and some days your success will be in simply getting your children one day older.

You love them. So what if every meal is not super healthy, pure organic and packed full of vitamins. What is most important is that you teach them love, compassion and believing in what is right. Those traits are in short supply. We as parents and homemakers must make it a priority to grow the good in our children and teach them to grow the good in others. And really, so what if they are wearing the same shirt they wore yesterday, or the day before – its still relatively clean, right? My twins occasionally lock onto a shirt that no amount of convincing will talk them out of. Mommy lets it go because, frankly, that is a small issue. The advice to “Pick your battles.” is excellent.

When you get ready to lie down at night, make a list of the top five most important tasks for the following day. Then when you wake, have it there and look it over. Imagine yourself at the end of your day. What would give you the greatest feeling of accomplishment? Make a star on that one and then love yourself by making that one task happen. Then at the end of your day, look over your list and appreciate yourself for what you accomplished and forgive yourself for what did not.

Many texts advise to start your day with prayer and meditation. But if you have little ones like I do, you know that is often just not possible. What I do is keep my eyes and ears open for a moment in the day I can do that, whenever and wherever I can pull it off. Sometimes its two minutes, sometimes five! Even if all you can find is one minute, connect with your higher power and feel that loving energy. You deserve it!