Wow, Forty-four years old today. That seems awfully old, to me anyway. I don’t feel like I am in my mid 40’s – not at all. My brain is still stuck in my 20’s – hopefully my maturity level is not but sometimes…

My birthday present to myself turned out to be 15 pounds and at least one dress size. I haven’t been clothes shopping so I couldn’t say for sure. I was thinking this morning that I am a college graduate with no job (income generating anyway) but aha, that is not true! I do have a job. I am an Independent Sales Representative for Avon – the company for women!
(Of course my most important job is Mom, can’t ever lose sight of that.)

Today I will go out and hawk my wares, so to speak. I have a follow up visit to do and then some more places to visit to hand out books. My goal is to make this a full time wildly profitable venture. I am determined to stay home with my children and provide for my family. I have faced challenges before that may have seemed unsurmountable. I broke them down into bite size pieces and attacked them step by step. My first year goal is to sell enough so that 10% of it set aside will allow me to walk in next year’s Avon’s 3 day Breast Cancer Walk in my hometown San Francisco, California June 2014. Therefore I need $2300 minimum to donate as a walker, $90 for the registration fee and roughly $1100 for expenses there, airfare etc. That totals 3490 and we will call it $3500 for simplicity sake. Therefore, by next June I will need to have sold $35,000 – in eleven months time. 44 weeks to pull it off and I am 44 – is that cool or what?! On with the math, that breaks down to $795.45 per week. Lets call it $800 to simplify the math.

20 customers spending $40 or
40 customers spending $20 or
53 customers spending $15

and that is per week. Basically I need to be taking orders from at least 50 people/sources every week. Broken down into six days because Sunday should be a day of rest, not of taking orders. 9 people a day to take orders from, six days a week. In order to get 9 active customers per day I would say I need to be talking to 18 people a day.

18 a day, say 10 minute conversation, at the most, gives me 180 minutes which is 3 hours. I spend my mornings with my guys focusing on them, teaching, playing, connecting. Then when they go down for quiet time, Mommy goes to work. I will do my best to not try and do both at the same time. I don’t want my children to feel neglected or that they are not my top priority. They mean the world and are the real reason I am doing all of this.

Drive, passion, goals, dreams – they are coming alive. I see it, I can do it, by the power of The Lord that lives in me. My success will be a testament to His power, grace and loving support and of course His all powerful love.