The Mathematics of Staying Home
Sometimes I feel pressure to return to the professional workforce, especially from the hubby. From time to time he likes mentioning he is the only breadwinner and wouldn’t if be great if I got a “job”. As the hackles raise on the back of my neck, it takes work and sometime a biting of the tongue to keep from responding in a decidedly unchristian manner. I know he is concerned about finances so I try to understand. What would be effective is showing him how counter productive it would be for me to work outside the home at a typical 9 – 5.

Lets do some math – just for fun.

Pay: $14/hr x 2080 (hours in a year)=29,120
Then deduct standard expenses .
About a 15% tax rate -4368
Transportation / wear and tear/ vehicle costs -8840
Office jobs require business casual or formal- not cheap so at least -1200
Day care going rate 200 – 250/wk (twins- and that is on the low side – formal preschools run closer to 300+. -13,000
Extra food costs because no one wants to cook every night after working all day plus the cost of convenience, pre-made food, plus lunches and snacks is at least $100/wk -5,200
Here it is listed for us visual type folks:

-3,488. (that’s right, a negative number)

Bottom line, it would cost us $3,488 or more for me to get off my lazy duff and get a “job”.
(cuz you know all I do is sit on the couch, eat bon bons and watch reality tv. Isn’t that what all stay at home Moms do?) (now don’t throw things, i am just kidding)